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by julia on April 23, 2012

Trendy Tablet With Keyboard


Tablet with keyboard is fast getting into an obsession among the tablet users for the seamless ease that users are able to get when they use them together. The keyboards have been redesigned keeping in mind the convenience of the users and tablet interfaces. The best feature about the tablet keyboard is that it can be easily attached / detached almost effortlessly as and when required. Users are thus able to use their tablets as mini laptops whenever they require. Many companies have launched their own tablet keyboard models. Here are few of the popular manufacturers of tablet keyboards.

Approach From Different Manufacturers | Tablet With Keyboard

ASUS has taken a lead in bringing out some innovative tablet with keyboard designs. Honeycomb, its latest tablet model comes with a tablet keyboard option. The tablet keyboard comes with a tablet with keyboard dock that makes it very easy to fit-in the tablet and use it rather as a laptop. A unique advantage that the tablet-keyboard combination offers is that the keyboard comes with a battery that can add to the tablet power, thus making it usable over extended periods. ASUS has not limited itself to just one tablet-keyboard design. Apart from keyboard with docks, the company has also launched keyboard slider, a new concept that takes advantage of the design of its Honeycomb tablet. As per the name, a slider keyboard can be slid-in and slid-out as per the requirement. It effectively holds the tablet in right position while softly pressing its connecting leads against the tablet.

Apple iPad has always been a trendsetter as far as trends are concerned. Apple’s unique wireless keyboard for iPad made it even more desirable. But tablet with keyboard option is not just limited to wireless keyboard. Third-parties such as Kensington, Logitech, Targus, Belkin have launched their tablet keyboards for iPads that give customers a good range of choices. Tablet with keyboard and mouse interface has also been made available by third party manufacturers.

Samsung Galaxy Tabs are continuously surprising reviewers and critics with their exciting features. Galaxy tabs can be easily used with third-party tablet keyboards. The design of the Galaxy tab makes it very easy to use the tablet with keyboard. It comes with slots on both the ends that act as keyboard docking stations. The Samsung Galaxy tablet with keyboard docking station is getting quite popular among the customers as the unique design makes it easy to work with different types of tablet keyboards.

Many other tablet manufacturing companies such as Lenovo and Toshiba are coming up with their own variants of tablet keyboards. It would not be surprising if they come with designs that can beat the rest as many of these companies are known for churning out innovative designs from time to time. The race for tablet-keyboards has just begun and it will be exciting to watch it. Many more designs are likely to evolve that will benefit the customers in terms of performance as well as price. It would be interesting to follow the trend in tablet keyboard. It is expected that in near future, almost everyone would prefer a tablet with keyboard.

Future Trend of Tablet With Keyboard

Tablet With Keyboard

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